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Revolutionary Patented Shale Shaker Screen Technology

The only Dual-Screen™ Shaker Technology Available

The Challenge

The challenge associated with the use of  conventional shaker screens on shale shakers is associated with optimizing the removal of the cuttings; the more cutting removed the better which entails the selection of finer mesh screens, and the loss of drilling fluid which is exponentially proportional to the surface area of the cuttings removed.  FP CanMechanica™ has developed a Patented Dual-Screen™ shaker screen that addresses all of the challenges conventional shaker screen face– short operational life, high replacement screen cost, minimal surface area, inability to have the ideal screen mesh. The Dual-Screen™ shaker screen gives you the freedom to optimize your Shaker.


The Solution: Dual-Screen™ Shaker Screens

We provide superior shaker screen technology that provides a dual level or double cut screen that removes both coarse and fine cuttings at a level superior to that achievable with any other method. This technology essentially stacks one coarse separating screen above a lower finer screen which causes the coarse cuttings to be separated onto an upper screen level from the finer cuttings which are relegated to a lower screen level. By doing this the coarser solids; which are conveyed more rapidly by the vibrations of the shaker off of the shaker, do not interact with the slower moving finer solids which are on the lower screen. The result is a more effective removal of both fine and coarse material, reduced interaction of cuttings and a complete lack of requirement for the tilting of the shaker against the flow of the cuttings. Another obvious advantage of this approach is the separation of the cuttings in this manner allows for less on solids on each screen which means more open area for the fluid to pass through which reduces fluid losses as well.

Patent Pending Composite Single-Screen line of Shale Shaker Screens

FP CanMechanica offers a comprehensive line of replacement Single-Screen™  shaker screens that combine multiple mesh sizes with our patented composite frame technology to provide higher throughput and longer life. Available for M‑I SWACO, NOV/Brandt Shakers the exclusive line of Single-Screen™  long-lasting composite screens optimizes solids control efficiency to reduce costs and waste volumes for any targeted formation and drilling application.

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