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Single-Screen™ Shale Shaker Screen Technology

Patent Pending Composite Frame Technology

Patent Pending Composite Single-Screen line of Shale Shaker Screens


FP CanMechanica offers a comprehensive line of replacement shaker screens that combine multiple mesh sizes with our patented composite frame technology to provide higher throughput and longer life. Available for M‑I SWACO, NOV/Brandt  shaker brands, the exclusive line of long-lasting composite screens optimizes solids control efficiency to reduce costs and waste volumes for any targeted formation and drilling application.

Mesh sizes for any solids control challenge


Our ultra-durable, API-compliant composite screens are available in a broad range of mesh grades.


Cost effectiveness


By combining a wide variety of mesh sizes with composite screen technology, FP CanMechanica™ provides operators the flexibility of selecting the most cost-effective mesh without compromising screen life or higher throughput capacity.


Single-Screen™ Benefit

  • Single-Screen™ increases the processing area of the shaker deck
  • Single-Screen™ composite screens weigh 1/3 that of traditional, metal screens and substantially less then MI-SWACO Composite Screen Technology, as Single-Screen™ technology does not require internal steel reinforcements to keep its strength.
  • Single-Screen™ resist corrosion which play a major effect on traditional screens
  • Single-Screen™ are substantially lighter then other screens on the market, however due to our Patented manufacturing technique, the rigidity is not lost at any point on the screen. Which Prevents:
    • Flexing at the center of the screen, which creates pooling of fluid on the edge of the screen
    • Reduces screen wire flex in the center of the deck enhancing product life
    • Increase Screen utilization, as fluid can move across the entire screen
    • Lowest level of by pass of any screen on the market
  • Lower Screen Replacement Costs
  • Increased Solids Control Efficiency
  • Single-Screen™ can be used on Drying Shakers
  • Single-Screen™ can be used on Bead Recovery units

Dual-Screen ™ accomplish every goal that can be achieved by fine shaker screen operation.

Single-Screen™ Features

  • Patent Pending Composite Frame Design
  • Increased usable area Vs. Traditional Screens
  • Substantially longer operational life
  • Replacement composite screens available for MI-Swaco, NOV/Brandt and other shakers

Manufacturing Process

FP CanMechanica has spared no expense when it came time to manufacture our screens.  The video to the right shows our manufacturing processes for our chassis.

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